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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dragon v.10.. A post that explains it all..


Earlier we talked about Dragon Naturally Speaking software by Nuance communications, how it recognizes your voice instantly and improves overall productivity. There are several versions of Dragon Naturally Speaking software as per the progression of features and price.

Let’s get familiar with the Dragon Voice Recognition Version 10: Dynamic Features

Nuance communications has developed ever before the most accurate speech recognition product that is Dragon Naturally Speaking version 10 with several new features delivering up to 20% more accurate results than version 9. With this updated version half the time it takes for words to appear as compared to previous version means software will be far more useful for anyone trying to minimize their typing time. Dragon version 10 voice shortcuts enable to search the Web for products, information, news and more with a single voice command. Also voice shortcuts feature allows you to do things like capitalize letters, make paragraph breaks, add images, etc. Dragon Naturally Speaking version 10 supports number of Bluetooth microphones enabling dictation to be used with wireless technology. It runs only on Windows XP or 2000 SP4 or higher or on Vista. Dragon version 10 offers an easier way to use speech recognition with popular web browser Firefox Mozilla.

Dragon version 10 is boon for all types of users including freelance writers, online publishers; small and large corporations, college students, business professionals and anyone who needs to work faster. As expected, Dragon version 10 proved to be the fastest, more accurate and most innovative version in the market.

WOW! isn’t this a very powerful tool. I have used it and in fact i have post this article using Dragon v.10…. i wrote this article 10 times faster then all my other articles here and and at empowerLMS.


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