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Friday, August 28, 2009

Remove Barriers to Legal Transcription with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal

Hello Readers,

Today, i would like to talk to you about Dragon voice recognition software for Legal practices.

Nuance Communications introduces Dragon Naturally Speaking Legal Version 10 for legal professionals to work faster and in a more efficient way. Dragon Legal version is a powerful productivity tool that allows legal community to create contracts, dictate briefs, and draft court documents or email messages. The Legal edition comes with pre-configured legal vocabulary containing nearly 30,000 legal-specific terms and phrases, and automatically formats citations. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal adopted by thousands of legal professionals to increase productivity and reduce transcription costs.

With Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Legal you can create custom commands to instantly build and format templates for contracts or other legal documents. Dragon Legal v10 is fully integrated into virtually any Windows-based application, including the Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Corel WordPerfect. Dragon Legal suite enables legal professionals to save time on paperwork and can spend more time on professional legal tasks.

With Dragon Legal edition you can avail following benefits:

  • Legal version upto 99% accurate just as accurate as many manual transcribers.
  • Use Dragon Legal edition to reduce reliance on support staff.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking Legal version increases productivity and simplify tasks.
  • Improved third-party correction features streamline the editing and correction process that cuts down turnaround time for legal documents.

  • Accelerates your daily tasks as it enables you to create and formal legal documents, billing information, e-mail, and many more – with the power of your voice.
  • It helps to address Americans with Section 508 requirements and Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Allows promoting prompt, standardized reporting and documentation procedures.
  • Protects from debilitating repetitive stress injuries, and saves operational cost.

So you see here Dragon Version have not been just useful to Medical and professional but Legal industry too.


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