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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software- Employing Dragon Medical 10 leads to Safe and Easy Transcription

A transcription is process in which the transcriptionist writes or types in the confidential medical information of the patient relayed to him or her through voice command. This makes it mandatory for the typist to have good typing skills and grammar, speed, memory, and sharp listening abilities to quickly record the important information relayed in form of voice. But this type of arrangement is still error prone because of the human fatigue and resultant lapse it causes.

To eliminate the errors in the transcription process, and speed it up considerably so that information about more people can be conveyed and stored, it is necessary to take help of automated speech recognition software that easily converts the spoken words into text at a great speed. This is where Dragon Naturally speaking Software steps in to make the medical transcription really easy for the doctors and the patient alike. The Dragon Medical 10 has host of features that makes it very useful to the doctors.

  • It is highly accurate and contains medical vocabularies that cover 80 specialties and sub-specialties.
  • Speeds up transcription process by allowing the doctors to quickly navigate throughout EMR using voice commands.
  • Provides a good EMR support, which means record of illness, plans and reviews.
  • Follows HIPAA codes making patient identity protection very easy.
  • A higher adaptability and flexibility for out-of-box accent makes it possible to cover even heavy accented voice commands. It also supports nicely regional accents.
  • Special software features like Power Mic and My command that make the use of the software easier and faster.
  • Automated form filling mechanism through use of templates.

This all features make the Dragon Medical quite superlative compared to other speech recognition software as it is better equipped to provide more precise and faster transcription which means that critical medical information is transferred quickly without any errors. This makes it very safe for the clinicians to carry out the treatment of the patients on the medical records, which they can easily rely on

For more information please check out http://www.dragonelearning.com/
Jason Gaya


  • I believe that using Dragon Medical v10 helped me dictate the files quite faster and easily, however it came with it sets of problems as well like installing, training the dragon etc.. But overall I think it has been a good ROI
    I would recommend Dragon Medical v10 to all physicians looking to cut cost.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At January 30, 2010 at 1:08 AM  

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