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Monday, August 10, 2009

An Introduction to Dragon Voice Recognition System

I m writing this post to give you an brief introduction about Dragon Speech Recognition Software.
"What could possibly be better than to be able to talk to the computer, and have the words magically appear in your processor?"
It’s Dragon Naturally Speaking, the world’s widely used and best selling speech recognition software that recognizes and creates general text from normal speech. it is used by thousands of professionals, Dragon NaturallySpeaking software increases productivity, protects from debilitating repetitive stress injuries, and saves operational cost. This innovative and easy-to-use product enables all users to type text, create emails, documents and spreadsheets, fill out forms, or edit existing ones, simply by speaking to the computer. Dragon NaturallySpeaking software is available in Professional, Preferred, Standard, Legal and Medical versions.
Users can turn voice into text with up to 95-99% accuracy more than three times faster than most people type about 120 words that my experience. It learns to recognize your voice instantly and continually improves the more you use it. Dragon Naturally Speaking deals with the most commonly used desktop applications, including Microsoft Word, spread sheet, PPT, Internet Explorer, AOL and more!
Dragon NaturallySpeaking has ruled the roost for years, partly because it's a perennially great piece of software, and partly from lack of competition.
With more than 175 accuracy awards for accuracy and ease of use, it’s the uncontested leader in speech recognition solutions. By employing Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 get more done, more quickly, just utter a word and it will transform your productivity.Isn't this really interesting. It certainly helped my .. but i look for your comments.

Jason Gaya


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