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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Coaching tool helps participants to process 360° feedback

Feedback specialist Talent Innovations has launched a coaching tool designed to help individuals understand their feedback data and create an action plan for development.

The Interactive 360° Workbook replicates a one-to-one feedback briefing with an experienced coach. Using development-focused coaching questions, it guides individuals to explore their strengths and their development needs - taking account of their career goals and their personal challenges - and it supports them in creating a development plan.

Elva Ainsworth, managing director of Talent Innovations, said: "360° feedback enables people to develop their own personal 'brand' at work - as it helps you to understand how others see you - but some organisations don't want to invest in external coaching for every participant or train up their line managers to provide coaching.

"Using 25 years of 360° feedback and career coaching experience, we've developed this interactive tool to guide people through the different stages. The participant's 360° feedback data is automatically integrated within the workbook so this is a personalised tool. It's the next best thing to having a one-to-one feedback briefing with an experienced coach. As it's less than a tenth of the price of face-to-face coaching, organisations can now afford to offer 360° feedback to those who may not have had it previously, such as supervisors."

Following a 360° feedback process, the participants can be emailed a link to their own personal online workbook, which provides structured support and guides them through their feedback. After using the tool to initiate their own development plan, individuals can then discuss the results with their line manager.

"Going through this interactive process not only gives you greater insight about how you're perceived by others, it also highlights your development needs and encourages you to commit to an action plan for improvement.

"It prepares you to have a much more productive conversation about your development with your boss. The majority of the workbook content is for the participant's private and personal use; however, their boss sees the summary points. This enables managers to have more effective development conversations with their teams," she concluded.

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