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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Companies should consider more mature workers, says business director

Employers should look at the benefits of incorporating more mature workers into their workforce and the positive impact they can have on tomorrow's employees.

While some companies resist employing workers over the age of 50, Simon Thompson, co-founder and director of ConferencesGroup, believes that retaining and engaging employees in this age bracket and beyond is the key to successful, happy and more cost-effective personnel.

"Many of the stereotypes that prevent employees from hiring and making good use of older workers are merely myths, and whilst I still recognise the need and importance of recruiting young, fresh and enthusiastic employees, I equally advocate workers that bring on board a lifetime of skills and experience to their job," he said.

Thompson thinks more businesses need to recognise the diversity and richness that comes from employing more mature members of staff which he believes are highly motivated, productive and reliable.

"Older workers are willing to work different schedules as they are less likely to have young children at home to consider, they tend to be more loyal, have less absenteeism and take work more seriously.

"For me, above anything else, our mature staff members have superior interpersonal skills and a greater understanding of how to deal with customers which only comes with experience. I rely on these members of staff to serve as mentors and share their invaluable experience with newer members of staff to guide those who perhaps haven't worked in the industry as long" Thompson concluded.

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