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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ernst & Young refresh graduate recruitment with strengths test

Accountancy Firm Ernst & Young is refreshing its UK graduate selection process this year by introducing a new situational strengths test.  

The company is working with people management consultancy Capp for the project, which aims to increase efficiencies in the first stage assessment sift, ultimately reducing candidates from 19,000 to 800, over the course of their graduate recruitment cycle.

Stephen Isherwood, head of graduate recruitment from Ernst & Young, said: "At Ernst & Young we have a rigorous and comprehensive graduate recruitment and selection process. We've been working with Capp on our strengths-based assessment, which has revolutionised our process and seen significant results, including 15 per cent more graduates de-selected at first interview and 12 per cent more graduates accepted at assessment centre compared to the previous competency approach. The introduction of this new technique will allow us to further ensure that the right candidates get into the right roles.

"Being an online tool and providing applicants with an insight into the available roles, makes Capp's situational strengths test incredibly attractive and when combined with a strengths-based interview will help us identify the best graduates and the right talent for the available opportunities."

Capp recently launched its situational strengths test, an online process which identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate relative to the role for which they are applying, by providing them with insights into a typical day in the vacancy that they are applying for, and examining what they would do in each situation.

By using this new assessment technique, it is possible to employ only the best candidates and the right talent for graduate roles.

Capp founding director Dr Alex Linley added: "We've enjoyed a very successful relationship with Ernst & Young over a number of years and they've never been afraid to explore new ideas and new ways of doing things. Integrating our situational strengths test with their existing strengths-based interviews is typical of how forward-thinking the organisation is, and supports the results that they have achieved, and for which they have won awards, through using strengths in their graduate selection process."

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