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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Leaders in sports become leaders in the workplace, entrepreneur argues

The decision not to require schools to provide two hours of physical education every week will destroy hopes of businesses feeding off the Olympic feel-good-factor.

That was the warning coming from Will Davies, entrepreneur and co-founder of London's property maintenance and refurbishment company aspect.co.uk today.

Under the previous Government, all children were required to take part in two hours of sport every week and there was an outline plan to increase that requirement to five hours every week but the Coalition Government have decided against it.

Davies believes that the teamwork, dedication and passion shown in the Olympics are all attributes that can help young people become successful in their working lives.

"The boost our economy could have received from the energy created by Britain's astonishing successes in the Olympics will all be washed away by this political blunder," said Davies.

"In my experience, the leaders on the sports field often become the leaders in the work place and the sorts of young people who commit themselves to excelling in sport are also the individuals who work hard to make a success of the working lives.

"Selling sports fields and replacing competitive sports with yoga and circus skills will not build on our Olympic legacy.

"Working hard to become competitive at sport instils passion, team-work and dedication in our youngsters. All of which are attributes that will help them be successful in their working lives."

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