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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Local apprentices get chance to contribute to future of apprenticeships

A recent roundtable event held by skills organisation Unionlearn saw a group of local apprentices gather to give their views on the future of apprenticeships.

The group, compromised of 17-to 40 year olds, covered a diverse range of trades and disciplines in both the public and private sector; from mechanical engineering and construction to health and social care.

The views of the apprentices will be included in a review into the future of apprenticeships, commissioned by the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. The review aims to:

• Take a medium-long term look at the future of apprenticeships in England

• Identify best practice and ensure that going forward, apprenticeships meet the needs of the changing economy

• Deliver the qualifications and skills which employers need, to world class benchmarks

• Ensure that government is maximising the impact of public investment in apprenticeships

The review will be conducted over the summer and the findings/experiences and suggestions from this discussion will contribute to the final report. Doug Richard, leader of the review, is expected to report on his findings and recommendations in the autumn.

Tom Wilson, director of Unionlearn, said: "The review is an important chance to reflect on and review the current state of apprenticeships. It is important that apprentices get a chance to contribute directly to the review, and unionlearn are pleased to be able to help make this happen.

"They know firsthand what works and what doesn't, what can be improved and what needs to be challenged. This input is vital to helping to make apprenticeships the gold standard in high quality, career development opportunities that lead to decent work. This input will also be important in helping to challenge bad practice where it exists."

TJ launched its Great Skills Debate in April and has been focusing on the skills agenda with a variety of online blogs and articles. To join the discussion, go to the Great Skills Debate sub-group on TJ's LinkedIn page.

The discussion will come together at a unique one-day event: The Great Skills Debate - live on 24th October 2012 in London where specialists from education and workplace learning will join government representatives to debate the key questions raised during the preceding months. To find out more or reserve a place, email events@trainingjournal.com or ring 01353 865340.

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