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Friday, September 21, 2012

LPI: Never a greater time for L&D to show value

There has never been a greater time for L&D functions to show significant value to their organisations, a new report has found.

With L&D departments in the UK facing significant challenges including budget cuts and reduced staff, the Learning & Performance Institute has called on L&D to become more agile and transform itself into a powerful change agent within their organisations.

New LPI research suggests that although 81 per cent of L&D professionals say that their organisation has a learning strategy, many of these so called "learning strategies" are actually little more than one-year operating plans.

Stewart Mackenzie, business development manager at L&D consultancy Clarity, said managers need to have a "well-defined" strategy in place.

"These findings from the LPI help to shed light on how to successfully move forward," he said.

"L&D managers need to have a well-defined strategy in order to proactively support the business during these trying times."

The study revealed that building a clear understanding of the benefits and risks of the "perfect storm" will enable enterprises to develop an L&D business strategy to maximise the upsides and minimise the downsides to this transformation.  Part of this comprehensive business strategy needs managers to include a clear vision, an L&D workforce plan and a clear assessment of their risk management.

Alan Bellinger, executive consultant to the LPI, added: "This is a great time to be an L&D manager - but you certainly need nerves of steel! In this report we highlight the skills that are critical for L&D professionals to be able to maximise the opportunities created by the perfect storm; and be able to minimise the risks. After all, a risk is only a problem before it's identified."

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