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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sandler director laments lack of staff development training

The news that small businesses are seeking out "affordable" training alternatives to sidestep staff development costs have been met with disapproval today.

Shaun Thomson, CEO of sales and management company Sandler UK, has expressed his disappointment at the lax attitude taken by some companies when it comes to training staff. He was responding to research from the Forum of Private Business which shows that cost is the biggest barrier to providing training for employees.

Thomson told TJ that training should be regarded as an investment rather than a cost, and believes that opting for "one-stop-shop guides and self-help videos is a false economy".

He said: "The news from the FPB certainly makes for grim reading for how small businesses currently perceive development training.

"The fact is, training should be regarded as an investment rather than a cost - there should be a clear ROI expectation set at the start, so that a small business knows the benefit of the return outweighs the initial investment.

"In a tough economic climate, small businesses should also be considering the cost associated with not investing in their employees. People learn at different paces and in different ways - a qualified trainer will tailor their method to account for the individuals they are helping - to make it palatable and enable them to dilute it at a pace that will enable them to keep learning.

"The best type of training reinforces behavioural change, to drive the business bottom line and enable the worker to keep adding value to the business. Opting for one-stop-shop guides and self-help videos is a false economy, which could be the undoing of a small business in the long-term."

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