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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Specialist urges companies to exploit their LMS when hiring

Linking your organisation's learning management system with its talent management system or recruitment process delivers real benefits, according to L&D recruitment specialist Blue Eskimo.

According to Blue Eskimo, not enough organisations exploit the valuable data held in their learning management systems when hiring new people - this can lead to them recruiting externally when a perfectly suitable candidate already exists within the organisation.

Nick Jones, director of Blue Eskimo, says that an organisation where talent management and learning management is handled by a single system is the "best way to work".

"The LMS is a goldmine of data. Understandably, training is the main focus for how this data is used. This is a massive benefit - but there's another benefit which some organisations aren't realising. The same data can be used as part of the recruitment process," said Jones.

"Some organisations are ahead of the curve and do this very well - they've linked the LMS with the talent management system - or have the data available to the HR department. Better still, in some organisations talent management and learning management is handled by a single system. Really, that's the best way to work."

A key issue, according to Blue Eskimo, is that when someone leaves there is an assumption that the empty chair is best filled by recruiting. If someone within the organisation has exactly the right skills, and is located in the same department, the chances are that person might be offered the job - but candidates who need a little training or are located elsewhere are often overlooked, even though the data is there to suggest them as a possibility.

"It takes time to bring someone up to speed with the way an organisation works," added Jones.

"Using an internal candidate can not only fill a role faster, it can realise productivity gains quicker too.

"Of course, this doesn't solve the recruitment issue totally - the 'suitable candidate' will also be vacating a role, so recruitment may be required there - or again, the LMS data could be used to locate another rising star.

"Not only does the organisation benefit in terms of cost and productivity, it also benefits by hanging onto hard-won expertise and rewarding those who want to develop their careers within the organisation. Sadly, many people have to leave a job to get the promotion they deserve."

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