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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The political healthcare week that was on Twitter

In a new Twitter record for politics, President Barack Obama’s Democratic National Convention speech spurred people around the world to Tweet at a rate of 52,757 per minute, tech blog Mashable reported.

In related news, Mashable noted, the $100,000-each Twitter trends Republicans and Democrats have been promoting — #RomneyRyan2012, #AreYouBetterOff, #16TrillionFail and #Forward2012 — haven’t really worked out for either of them. A lot of people using the hashtags have done so making arguments and commentary counter to their sponsored intent.

Editorial skepticism: It is somewhat hard to believe there are a lot of undecided voters on Twitter anyway.

In any event, on Twitter this week there was the usual partisan chest-thumping and also some interesting anecdotes from individuals about their company's rising premiums and people day-tripping from Oklahoma to Mexico for prescriptions:

James Wolcott ?@JamesWolcott
"We're building an America in which Walter White won't have to become a meth cook because he lacks proper health care coverage." #DNC2012

BikeWalkLee ?@BikeWalkLee
This bicycle bus at both conventions was the initiative of a health care company, with a goal of encouraging...

James JP Hawkins ?@jphawkins2009
Graph showing the dispicable lies told by obama & his minions regarding the future of healthcare under obamanocare:

Robert Faulhaber ?@rfaulhaber
CBO Fact Checks Clinton Claim Obama Controlled HealthcareCosts http://zite.to/RHltKx via @zite

Fred Pollack ?@FredPollack
If laughter is the best medicine, I'm surprised healthcare companies haven't yet figured out a way to charge us a copay.

Kernel Wars ?@Kernelwars
Fox News Debunks Years Of Its Own Commentary By Accurately Reporting That Health Care Reform Reduces Deficit

Luke Russert ?@LukeRussert
Also significant: Very lite mention of healthcare reform and nothing on stimulus. 2 HUGE Obama legislative accomplishments avoided

David Limbaugh ?@DavidLimbaugh
No, the people most certainly did not endorse your health care plan -- don't try to foist that off on the American people.

David Swerdlick ?@Swerdlick
If you want healthcare passed, call Obama. If you want healthcare explained, call Clinton.

One public dollar invested in contraception saves $4 in Medicaid expenditures.http://bit.ly/OZgzb6

Lis Smith ?@Lis_Smith
The last time @MittRomney was on "Meet the Press", he endorsed a federal individual health care mandatehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2M9gGwW2gCs #flipflop

Brad Thor ?@BradThor
#Obama pledged that healthcare reform wouldn't add a cent to the deficit, but #Obamacare will actlly have net cost of approx $1.2 trillion

Tabitha Hale ?@TabithaHale
"Freedom means keeping gov't out of our most private affairs" unless we're regulating your health care or forcing you to perform abortions.

Scott Rasmussen ?@RasmussenPoll
50% Favor Repeal of Health Care Law, 41% Opposed...http://tinyurl.com/33lscbm #healthcare

Chris Ward ?@christopherward
In other completely unrelated news, Murdoch has started up a new health care company. #reshuffle

Michael Graham ?@MGraham969
Remember as you listen to Rubio that next week you'll hear US politicians PRAISING the Cuban health care system. #NaturalTruth#DNC

Mark Cherrington ?@MarkCherrington
Have no doubt if it wasn't for Quebec, we'd have the death penalty and no universal health care system. Quebec the social conscience of CDN

Arthur Brooks ?@arthurbrooks
If we're serious about health care reform, that means getting serious about health care cronyism.

Matt Yglesias ?@mattyglesias
The best thing Bill Clinton did last night was try to bring Medicaid into the policy debate:

Drew Armstrong ?@ArmstrongDrew
Bill taking some liberties with that health care cost inflation statistic. (Bad) economy was a large part of that.

James Young ?@welcomebrand
Bike highways in Denmark. Will pay for themselves in healthcaresavings in less than a year. Take note UK govt!

John S ?@gottahavej
Obama isn't making sure YOU GET HEALTHCARE! He is selling HC insurance that DOESN'T PAY enough of the bill for doctors to accept. #rnc #dnc

Old Man Potter ?@HenryFPotter
Turned out empty chair did not raise my taxes. Well, of course not. It's a chair. But when I wasn't looking, it socialized health care.

Rebel Leader ?@UntiLimInCharge
#DNC: You guys r gonna decide health care for 300 million yet can't decide if God should be in your platform? ... #tcot #tlot #glbt #p2#gop

Buckley Brinkman ?@PBuckley
Healthcare is 18% of GNP. Up from 7.2% in 1970. Projected to be 40% in 2050. WOW! 40%!?! @WMEP_News

GS Elevator Gossip ?@GSElevator
Would Bill Clinton's cosmetic surgery be covered under Obamacare?

The Hill Healthwatch ?@hillhealthwatch
Fact-checkers find few flaws in Clinton's healthcare claims

cole thomas ?@coletrickle0
I love how they zoom in on the diseased looking people whenever they talk about healthcare. #DNC

Nicholas Halcomb ?@NHalcomb
#DNC you think Healthcare should be free? Ok, you go to school for 10-12 yrs and see what it's like to not get paid for your service.

Amy ?@inspiredzone
Half my monthly take home pay goes to student loans. If I gethealthcare through my job, I lose another 1/4 of what's left #DNC#Clinton

Bec ?@Brocklesnitch
My gf's grandparents who live in Oklahoma make a fun day trip over the border to Mexico to get their prescriptions #dnc #healthcare

Domenick Cilea ?@dcilea
I question Clinton's stats on healthcare costs; my company's premiums went up 57 and 25 percent in the last two years. #dnc

jasonscottjones ?@jasonscottjones                                                                          Speaking of #healthcare #BillClinton is running a #clinic @ #DNC

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