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Friday, September 21, 2012

University professor bemoans lack of effective learning

Business schools should be encouraged to break from universities to promote a greater emphasis on effective learning and to help young people prepare for employment.

That was the view of Len Shackleton, professor of economics at the University of Buckingham.

Shackleton criticised the current approach and said that there are too many business schools stuck in an old mindset of around 30 years ago. The professor believes that this is not the way to run a business school and voiced his discontent at the fact that a lot of young people are not being given a "big enough experience" of the real working world.

"In places like France, business schools are separated from universities and they work a lot more efficiently," he argued.

"In a business school, there needs to be more of an emphasis on practicing business rather than the theoretical aspect. Some do focus more on this aspect but we should all be doing this rather than in isolated cases.

"The structure of a business school is all wrong, and it seems everything has to be fitted into a certain programme. Time isn't being used effectively for practical things like internships and the soft university culture means that students aren't being pushed enough and ultimately; these young people won't be properly prepared for the world of work.

"Universities are still enthralled to the teaching methods of around 1,000 years ago. I mean you have presentations now but that's the extent of it really.

"It's very much a wordy business, and there is not enough of an emphasis on the practical element."

Shackleton has called for business schools to be much more student-focused and suggest the breakaway needs to be led by senior politicians.

"You've got some organisations like Pearson who are taking the right approach but it's at a premium - and it's something which needs to be focused on more.

"We need to be more student-focused - universities are way too inefficient in my view and not enough of them have effective ways of getting things done.

"There needs to be a breakaway led by senior politicians, only then can things really begin to change," he concluded.

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