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Monday, September 10, 2012

Workforce planning is a necessity, learning professionals are told

Workforce planning is becoming increasingly important and the need to focus on this increases by the day, TJ were told today.

Jon Ingham, a consultant at Strategic HCM, has warned that organisations can no longer get away without investing in workforce planning as it's becoming increasingly difficult to predict what the business will look like in the near future.

He advised businesses to take a more strategic and innovative approach in supporting workforce planning.

"I think workforce planning has been becoming increasingly important for organisations over the last decade or so," he said. 

"The biggest driver for me is the degree of complexity in change within businesses. Organisations used to be able to get away without investing in workforce planning without much depth.

"In today's environment, predicting things more than six months in advance is extremely challenging. The need for workforce planning is extremely greater - it is becoming much more difficult but at the same time, much more important.

"The need to become more strategic and innovative in supporting workforce planning is becoming much more important too."

Ingham suggests that we need to "redefine workforce planning" and said that taking a more creative approach is something we need to look at.

"Five years ago, we saw workforce planning as a very scientific-based way of planning based on analytics. It's still often the case but increasingly I'm suggesting we need to redefine workforce planning as something which is a more creative approach. Because of the rate of change, we need a broader picture and different scenarios.

"Professionals should think laterally about what might happen in the future. We know the future of business is not going to look like it does today. We need to take a different look at our businesses and think about the likely outcomes. Scenario planning is a good tool to use here. There are many examples of organisations doing this around the world and we need to make sure we do this," he concluded.

Jon Ingham is an OD consultant and he will be speaking at the HR Performance event in November. For more information, visit http://www.hr-performance.co.uk/ptseminars

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