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Friday, October 5, 2012

iPhone app gives managers an objective view of their performance

Performance management specialists 3C have a launched a new application for the iPhone which gives managers an objective view of their performance.

3C ivaluate shows leaders and managers how their current performance compares to an excellent and capable manager (based on national occupational standards for management and leadership). This is based on a model that has been used across private and public sector organisations and has proven to be robust, credible and practical.

Available to download at Apple's App Store, 3C ivaluate assesses four different competency areas: managing self, providing direction, facilitating change and working with others. Managers are asked to rate themselves, for each competency, on a scale of one- to four, with one being the weakest and four the strongest. Overall results are presented on a graphical chart, clearly showing how they compare with an excellent (a fully capable manager) in each area.

There is also advice on the practical things managers can do to get better in each area.

Hedda Bird, founder and managing director of 3C, said: "Good management is a business imperative but it's difficult for managers to know if their performance as a manager is strong or weak.

"Experience shows that unskilled managers fail to set proper objectives for their staff, fail to assess and measure clearly and fail to adequately support developmental needs. We wanted to help managers improve their management skills. We know how busy they are with the day to day stuff, so we made it as easy for them to use as possible. The App is 69p to download and can be used again and again. We would recommend they rate themselves at the start and then perhaps again after a period of six months to see how they are getting on."

"It's a fact that poor management results in a company culture that accepts underperformance and is almost certainly on a path to failure. 3C ivaluate gives managers, for the first time, the ability to rate themselves against an industry standard. To see how their skills as a manager stack up against what a 'good' manager looks like and receive advice and guidance on how to improve."

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