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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Making a change creates a positive knock-on effect, study reveals

Nearly nine in 10 people put off making a change, despite believing it would improve their lives, according to a new study by learndirect.

The research from the learning provider reveals that more than a third of the 2,000 people surveyed believe that making a change like learning a new skill would help them get a better job, and an additional 35 per cent said it would make them feel happier about themselves.

In spite of these benefits, 51 per cent admit that at least every month they put off a change they know they need to make, with common reasons being a lack of time, finding it too hard or cost.

The survey suggests that making a change can create a positive knock-on effect in people's lives and with the number of people in the UK who have been unemployed for a year or more now at 904,000 - the highest level since 1996 - learndirect says it is crucial people take action.

To get people started and to stay motivated, learndirect has developed the Six Steps to Making a Change guide - a handy online guide and checklist with advice and tips on how to set goals, sort out any problems and get the right support to succeed. The guide aims to help people reach their goals - such as building their confidence, helping children with their homework or making themselves ready for work.

Sally Evans, head of marketing and communications at learndirect, said: "We all know how making changes in our lives can be tough. We also know how rewarding it can be too, as we feel more confident and more able to face other challenges. There's no doubt one change often leads to another and that's why we are urging people to think about something they want to do but have put off in the past. Our Six Steps to Making a Change guide aims to help more people reach their goals to change their lives forever."

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