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Monday, October 15, 2012

No set hours or defined offices will be the norm, says academic

Tomorrow's workers will be entering a completely different working environment, a trend predictor will tell future business leaders this week.

Speaking as a guest of AXA Business Insurance at Youth Enterprise Live, futurologist Dr Carl Rohde will talk to 15- to 30-year old budding entrepreneurs and jobseekers about his predictions for the future of the workplace.

Professor Rohde's provocative insights will explore in detail 10 drivers of change in the workplace of the future:

1. The world is now truly global - you will encounter competition from all over the world

2. Creativity and innovation will be key to successful performance

3. In order to be good, really good, you must not only know what your potential consumers, customers and employees want today, but rather what they'll want tomorrow

4. The future will show four different layers of society. They will do different kinds of work, with different degrees of income, independence and freedom

5. Many of the best will become urban nomads - a new generation of professionals roaming the globe in pursuit of highly skilled career opportunities

6. Jobs for life? Forget it!

7. Set hours for skilled labour will be a thing of the past.

8. We currently switch between the online and offline worlds. In the future, the lines between the two will become totally blurred. Call it: Onlife

9. Top down leadership will be inefficient and unacceptable in the eyes of the best. Leaders will need to be inspiring coaches

10. Whatever you do and however immense your talents may be, if you don't deliver on time, you'll never reach the top

"In the workplace of the future, you'll need to be prepared to work hard, harder than any generation in modern history, in order to succeed," Rohde said.

"Increased competition in the jobs market, from all parts of the globe, will break down a number of geographical barriers and make it even tougher to find work. Moreover, once you're in a professional position, it' s likely you'll be 'onlife' 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year-round."

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