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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Atkinson: Interim managers could help BBC through crisis

The BBC should look to interim managers to combat the recent scandal that have taken place within the corporation, TJ were told today.

Jason Atkinson, managing director of Russam Interim and chairman of the Interim Management Association (IMA) believes that the BBC should be looking externally to avoid the nepotism that continues, instead of promoting internal employees to help them through the crisis they are currently encountering.

Atkinson argues that interim captains are often former captains in different industries and have a clear business of what is needed to guide businesses through turbulent times.

"The BBC doesn't need another person with a BBC background, but a heavy-weight business executive with a track record of successful leadership roles and knowledge of how to achieve organisational transformation," he said.

"Interim managers are often former captains of industry - strong business leaders with a clear perspective of what is needed to guide a business through turbulent times. The BBC is going through a crisis now, but much of this has been brewing for years and many of the same people who move up through the ranks have been part of this culture.

"We work with many interim senior executives who have years of experience in other sectors and understand how to turn around a business around. Such individuals could bring their expertise, knowledge and best practice to the BBC. It's time for the BBC to shake up their management structure and look for business and leadership experience rather than a journalistic or BBC background.

"The BBC can't continue to look inwards for solutions and the Greg Dyke's of this world are extremely rare.  Something needs to change and bringing in an interim manager, which many forward thinking companies do when they acknowledge they don't have the skills within, could help change the culture of nepotism and help the corporation move forward positively and with confidence."

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