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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Extension of flexible working rights welcomed by CMI

The Chartered Management Institute has today welcomed the Government's decision to extend the right to request flexible working.

At present, only parents and carers have the right to ask for part-time hours, but this will be rolled out to all employees under the new legislation.

Petra Wilton, CMI's director of policy and research, has welcomed the news and believes the goodwill and enthusiasm it generates will be beneficial to employers.

"This is a step in the right direction for modernising the UK's workplaces. Flexible working can have huge benefits for employers and employees alike, which is why CMI's members have consistently supported the extension of the right to request by around two to one," she said.

"Our research shows that people are both working harder and putting in longer hours since the recession. So it's no surprise that the most popular employee benefits are those which give people more control over their time. Flexible working is highly valued by staff and can make a real difference to their lives, so it generates a lot of goodwill and enthusiasm for the company. That alone is of huge benefit to employers.

"Of course, flexible working needs to work for both parties. That means that managers must be up to the task, managing people on the results they achieve rather than the hours they spend at the desk.

"First and foremost, they need to get the basics right when it comes to performance management. However, with only one in five managers having had formal management training or development, it is not surprising that some managers struggle.  Implementing flexible working can be a challenge for organisations, but the benefits make it worthwhile."

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