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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mobile tool to aid employee engagement

Mobile learning providers Skill Pill M-Learning (SPML) has partnered with change specialists Martin Reddington Associates (MRA)to deliver En-Gauge, an employee engagement application.

En-Gauge allows employees to submit responses to set questions via their mobile.  Both data and opinions/sentiments are automatically analysed using analysis techniques that can be adapted to provide a live dashboard of the levels of employee engagement within the organisation.

Martin Reddington of MRA said: "The ability to measure the employment value proposition [EVP] or employment deal using SPML's mobile technology will provide HR managers with actionable insights that can make a positive difference to employee engagement and wellbeing. 

"The unique blend of statistical and sentiment data moves beyond the notion of an engagement score as the primary outcome by looking at the processes, revealed through conversational practice, that produce engagement. Our partnership with SPML allows us to deliver our EVP system via mobile for the rapid turnaround in delivery and analysis of EVP data."

SPML founder Gerry Griffin added: "En-Gauge represents another step forward in our rapid growth as a leader in delivering and gathering information and data through mobile. We can collect and collate this employee data for a quick and effective report delivery, managed through the En-Gauge mobile app.

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