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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Partnership aims to create leading workplace learning company

The ability to draw on the wider resources of the City & Guilds Group should aid Kineo in their quest for continuous innovation.

That was the view of Steve Rayson, managing director of Kineo, who believes City & Guilds' acquisition of the learning solutions provider will provide a great platform for success in the future.

Educational company City & Guilds announced this week that it had acquired learning provider Kineo, with the aim of creating the world's leading workplace learning company.

Rayson is excited at the prospect of linking up with City & Guilds and is certain that the partnership will be beneficial to both businesses.

"Over the last seven years Kineo has become a leading global provider of learning technology solutions, working with large organisations such as McDonald's, Barclays, Nikon and M&S. We are very excited about joining the City & Guilds Group as there are many benefits to our clients," he said.

"Firstly, it'll enable us to offer a wider range of services from e-learning to accredited programmes, with both City & Guilds and ILM. We'll be able to scale in order to support large programmes and the global delivery of learning solutions, thanks to our presence across the UK and internationally.

"We'll also be able to create specialist teams to support people development strategy, from sourcing and developing new talent through to new leadership development. And it'll ensure we can commit to investing in research and innovation, including learning technologies.

"Going forward, we will continue to operate under the Kineo brand, as a separate company but as part of the City & Guilds Group. The ability to draw on the wider resources of the City & Guilds Group, including ILM offers many opportunities. We aim to grow Kineo to become the world's leading workplace learning company, backed by City & Guilds."

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