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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Campaign launched to address skill gaps and aid learners

The Hospitality Guild is working with People 1st to launch a campaign that will showcase development opportunities in the hospitality industry and address skills gaps.

The Act NOW! campaign is designed to benefit colleges and providers through a range of methods and to raise employers' and learners' awareness of the opportunities apprenticeships offer. Ultimately, the campaign wants to help 20,000 people gain a career in hospitality.

Suzy Jackson, executive director of the Hospitality Guild, said that the campaign was designed to raise awareness about the benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship in the hospitality industry and promote the paths learners can take.

"With more than 2.5m people unemployed throughout the UK, the hospitality industry is in a fantastic position to be able to help move people into work, especially through apprenticeships - and at the same time address its current skills gaps.

"Colleges and providers play an important role in helping make sure that happens and ensuring that staff have the skills employers need.

"We've developed a series of five simple steps that colleges and providers can take to make sure that they are meeting the industries needs every step of the way.

"We wanted to create a campaign so that people knew exactly what they were being asked to do when we say Act NOW!"

The five steps the campaign promotes are based around:

1. Delivering pre-employment programmes for the hospitality industry

2. Registering learners on the industry's career website, UKSP, to help them move into paid work

3. Voluntarily registering learners on the ACE database within their first 10 weeks of an apprenticeship

4. Measuring themselves through accreditation systems and course kitemarking

5. Sign up as a good provider on UKSP.co.uk 

Jackson said that a number of colleges and providers had already taken these steps to help meet the target of 20,000 job opportunities.

"We've been doing a lot of work to promote things like pre-employment training and accreditation to a wide range of colleges and providers, and we've already seen employers like Bartlett Mitchell committed to interviewing people who have been through the pre-employment training programme, Employment 1st.

"We want colleges and providers to join us to Act NOW! on apprenticeships and pre-employment training, as there are a huge number of benefits -for the colleges and providers themselves, but also for businesses and for learners."

Taking part in the campaign will help colleges demonstrate their commitment to providing industry with the skilled workers it needs - and help meet requirements to provide work outcomes for learners.

Apprenticeships give learners the chance to earn an income while they are learning and gain a nationally recognised qualification, which helps to promote loyalty and increase staff retention.

Businesses are also proven to benefit from employing an apprentice, especially in areas such as productivity and gaining staff members that are trained to their standards.

"With pre-employment programmes and apprenticeships offering these kinds of benefits, taking part in the Act NOW! campaign is a great way to go," Jackson concluded.

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