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Thursday, February 21, 2013

MacMillan to train 500 staff with m-learning courses

MacMillan Cancer Support is using 23 mobile learning courses from Video Arts to provide leadership and soft skills training for its 500 staff.

The m-learning courses, which can be used on Apple, Android and Blackberry devices, cover subjects such as teamwork, time management, appraisals, managing change, coaching, interviewing, and managing stress and assertiveness. The Video Arts m-learning app is the gateway to the courses and is available through Learn Zone, MacMillan's virtual learning environment which also contains education and support resources, advice and guidance, e-learning courses and professional development tools.

Lesley Maguire, Macmillan's learning technology manager, said: "Smartphones and tablet computers are everywhere now and most people are comfortable in using them for a variety of applications.

"M-learning takes advantage of this technology and enables people to learn whenever and wherever they want. The mobile courses will benefit our staff and they'll add value to the quality of the service that our professionals provide to cancer sufferers."

The Video Arts mobile learning courses bring key learning points to life using 'bite-sized' video clips, featuring faces such as Hugh Laurie, Dawn French, Jamie Oliver and James Nesbitt. Each course includes around 30 minutes of training video clips but learners can dip in and out for just-in-time learning. The short training video clips include 'wrong-way, right-way' scenarios that demonstrate different skills, behaviours and techniques. These are supported by practical tips. Designed specifically for mobile devices and for on-the-move learning, the courses can be used as standalone learning resources or to reinforce the messages from classroom training or e-learning.

"The Video Arts m-learning courses are easy and convenient to use, extremely well produced and their use of humour makes the learning engaging, memorable and fun," McGuire added.

"You can work through each section in a couple of minutes, tick it off and move onto the next one. They provide condensed, effective learning points that can be put into practice immediately and the fact that you can even use them while sitting on a bus or train makes them even more compelling."

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