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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Online toolkit makes leadership development available to all

A new online initiative is making materials for leadership and management development professionals freely available for the first time.

Learning solutions provider GoodPractice is launching its online toolkit to support learning, training and HR professionals who focus on developing the talent and skills of leaders and managers. It contains hundreds of resources which can be accessed via the Internet anytime and anywhere.

After 10 years of working in leadership and management, and with a continuing programme of research to support its efforts, GoodPractice has created learning materials that tackle the most pressing situations likely to be faced in organisations today. Its latest Learning Trends Index revealed leadership development professionals are regularly challenged by issues such as understanding how leaders learn, maximising budgets, and demonstrating the value of their solutions - these are all covered in the toolkit.

It is an initiative that enables those in leadership and management development to tap into an on-demand, informal hub of expertise where they can access information, share their experiences and highlight best practice.

The subject areas are covered by a wide variety of resources. This ensures practical usage of the materials to suit a manager's working habits. Mobile apps and performance support references provide just-in-time help when it's needed. Other materials include research, whitepapers and case studies, teamed with more formal materials to such as training needs analysis and workshop tools, questionnaires, training templates and role play scenarios.

Peter Casebow, CEO of GoodPractice, said: "We understand that it's the actions of leaders and managers that can make all the difference to the success of an organisation. We also understand that it's the learning professionals who are responsible for developing successful leaders and managers. And this initiative is all about helping them achieve that."

He added: "All of our materials are created thanks to their input, so this is our way of saying thank you and paying it forward.  By making it open to everyone, we're aiming to share their valuable input and ultimately help to develop great leaders and managers both now and for the future."

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