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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Professors win ‘must-read’ management article of the year

A study on how to build a successful business while maintaining employee wellbeing has been voted as the 'must read' article of the year by UK managers.

Authored by a duo of academics from Coventry and Lancashire Universities, the winning article scooped top prize in the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Management Articles of the Year competition.

Improving the Quality of Working Life: positive steps for senior management teams, by Professors Les Worrall and Cary Cooper, identifies a cycle of decline whereby the UK's organisational change epidemic has led to increased workplace stress, lower motivation and lower productivity. With 82 per cent of change programmes driven by cost-cutting, it also highlights the increasing prevalence of management styles likely to depress employee engagement. One of the solutions proposed is to improve the quality of line manager relationships, ensuring line managers are seen to be pro-active and involve the worker in setting reasonable, deliverable objectives.

Ann Francke, chief executive of the Chartered Management Institute, said: "UK universities produce some of the best management thinking on the planet - but that thinking doesn't always make it into the 'real world' .

"This article offers brilliant bite-sized insights that will help managers deal with some of the priorities facing them in 2013, be it managing change programmes and restructuring, building employee engagement and wellbeing, or managing remote teams."

The CMI competition aims to bridge the gap between management research and practising managers working within UK organisations by directing time-poor managers to the five articles from the past year their peers believe will help them and their organisations most. It also enables academics to show the impact their research is having and enables them to gain valuable feedback from the practitioners the research is meant to benefit.

Speaking after the victory, Professor Cary Cooper, co-author of the winning article, said: "I'm really pleased to win the CMI Management Article of the Year, and what is particularly exciting for Les and I is that a large number of managers felt that improving the quality of working life was a worthy topic that makes a difference to the bottom line of UK Plc.

"It's really encouraging that managers see this issue as being every bit as important to their roles as the decisions they might take in areas such as strategy, outsourcing or financial accounting."

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