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Friday, March 1, 2013

Opportunities to transform outcomes are everywhere, specialists claim

An education revolution is coming which is set to offer "opportunities to transform outcomes for learners everywhere" .

That's according to Sir Michael Barber, chief education strategist at ICT specialist Pearson, who says that seizing the opportunities offered by the revolution in education will be vital in most economies where there is a widening gap between students' qualifications and the skills required by employers.

Learning technology expert Charles Jennings, founder of the 70:20:10 Forum and a member of the ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN steering committee claims that "old methods are failing to keep up with the speed and levels of innovation necessary in our digital world". He believes that the pressure on companies to ensure that their workforce is creative will be enormous and that those firms that are incapable of innovation will go to the wall.

"Organisations will succeed when the speed of learning is greater than the speed of change they are facing, and will fail when learning innovation and impact fall behind", he said.

"Competitive advantage and excellence are to a large extent driven by the ability of any workforce to continuously learn and innovate."

According to ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN conference director Astrid Jaeger, technology will play a key role in this process of continuing change - as a tool for both inspiration and implementation. 

"Technology offers unparalleled opportunities for learners and teachers alike on an individual, local and global level. New technology can seem complicated and its use places demands on institutions, educators and organisations which are increasingly influenced by cost.

"However, a failure to innovate could have calamitous consequences. Political leaders, educators and businesses need to plan ahead and start thinking seriously about how they will cope with the increasing demand for innovation."

With a particular emphasis on how 'Learning Moves' - how it can be inspirational - ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN 2013 will focus on change and the role of technology in promoting creativity and innovation.

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