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Monday, March 25, 2013

Research programme to evaluate customer satisfaction levels

Talent analyst firm Elearnity has announced plans to launch a new research programme which will evaluate customer satisfaction levels of learning technology solutions and services.

Corporate customers across the UK and Europe are invited to rate the learning technology solutions they are using within their organisation. The results will be published later in 2013, with the long term aim of providing a year on year view of learning technology customer satisfaction in Europe.

The research will focus on all the main areas of learning technologies including learning management systems (LMS), bespoke and generic elearning content, authoring tools, learning content management systems (LCMS), social and collaboration tools, assessment tools and mobile learning solutions.

Customer organisations are asked to rate the technology they are using in these different categories based on functionality, user experience, ease of delivery, configurability and flexibility, solution impact and total cost of ownership. They are also encouraged to leave supporting comments which will provide additional insights and qualitative input into the research.

Speaking about the initiative, David Wilson, managing director of Elearnity, said: "Learning technologies represent a significant investment for large organisations, and there is currently no independent European-focussed research into how customers actually rate their learning technology solutions.

"Our new research will provide unique insights into how learning technology solutions are really working in practice, as well as adding further data to support Elearnity's independent vendor perspectives."

He added: "The aim of this research is to help vendors continually improve their solutions and provide organisations with much need transparency about which providers have the highest customer satisfaction in Europe. Objectively understanding the reality of customer experience should be important in selecting solutions. Other business and consumer products are often reviewed and evaluated by their users - why not learning technology?"

The research is open for input by customers using learning technologies and can be accessed online now: http://delivr.com/27m9r

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