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Monday, March 25, 2013

Whitepaper to help organisations understand talent management trends

Corporate language training provider Speexx has released a whitepaper to help organisations understand global talent management trends.

Entitled 'Setting the Agenda for Global Talent Management', it addresses cloud-based learning systems, the power of mobile and the importance of cross-border communication. One key finding reveals that 88 per cent of HR and L&D managers consider foreign language and communication skills to be pivotal for business success. The whitepaper helps professionals understand the changing industry landscape and benchmark themselves against their worldwide peers.

The Speexx whitepaper examines elements such as why empowering communication matters, the impact of mobile learning and cloud-based technology and assessing the benefits of workforce learning against the constraints of tightening budgets. The report includes valuable insights from 230 organisations across five continents and over a dozen different industries, representing more than 1.6 million employees.

According to the Speexx Exchange 2013 Survey, language learning technology is indicative of a global shift towards improved cross-border communication, with 47 percent of organisations e-enabling language training and 88 percent deeming communication skills vital for business success.

Among the most reported benefits of e-learning were standardisation, flexibility and a better way of monitoring results. Despite these inherent gains, however, around half of the organisations claimed to be investing less than 10 percent of their training budget in e-enabled learning solutions. The untapped potential of mobile is also echoed in the survey, with 63 percent of organisations allowing mobile devices in the workplace, but less than a third of these actually using them for learning purposes.

In addition to showcasing the current attitudes and tendencies, the whitepaper offers managers some useful strategies for closing the gap between the opportunities offered by e-learning and cloud-based talent management systems and their actual usage.

Armin Hopp, Founder and President of Speexx, said: "To create a successful talent management strategy with a high return on investment, organisations will need to gain a better understanding of the current market developments surrounding them.

"The ability to adapt, evolve and maximise on opportunities will ensure that global businesses gain a competitive edge and create a stronger and more cohesive internal talent management pool."

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