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Friday, March 1, 2013

Workers are seeing no benefit from their hard work, study finds

British workers are carrying their companies through the recession but with no benefit to themselves, statistics released by Pitman Training Group have revealed.

In a survey that takes into account people from all aspects of work - full time, self-employed, parents and students, Pitman Training Group took an in-depth look into people's attitudes towards their jobs to see what makes them tick at work.

Interestingly, the research revealed that a mere 20 per cent of respondents actually felt career progression was the most important - but a huge 60 per cent of people surveyed had taken on additional responsibilities and every single person questioned carried out unpaid overtime.

Worryingly, only a third of survey participants had been supplied with work-related training from their employer.

Responding to the findings, Claire Lister, managing director of Pitman Training Group, said: "I'm shocked to learn that this is the current situation with training. It's no wonder less people value career progression, as they're probably totally disillusioned. They're giving everything and getting nothing back.

"Training's what develops a passion for progression. If people keep learning, they'll keep thriving and wanting to succeed - without that, everything just comes to a standstill. For me this is very worrying that employers are not supporting their staff and it's all take take take. Time and cost can no longer be blamed as obstacles, as online learning offers flexible, quick training updates from staff's desks."

She added: "For employers that do train their staff they see increased efficiency and productivity, surely this would be helpful UK wide when everyone is trying to juggle workloads? If something doesn't change what we could very quickly end up with is a dejected workforce and this isn't great for injecting some energy back into British businesses.

"Our survey also showed that the majority of people also saw their current career as merely a stepping stone, suggesting that people are just treading water, however, 21 per cent of people were concerned with a salary increase, thinking this was the most important factor in their career. How are staff going to get a salary increase without developing? These really are quite worrying figures."

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