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Monday, April 15, 2013

Website launched for e-learning enthusiasts

A new website that brings buyers and sellers of e-learning resources together was launched at the Voice of Apprenticeships conference in London to organisations including employers and training providers.

elearningmarketplace.co.uk has been described by its managing director, Carolyn Lewis as a cross between Amazon and Compare The Market - but for e-learning. You can buy, compare and sell digital learning resources through the site and this attracted a lot of attention from potential buyers and sellers of e-learning.

Enquiries about eLearning Marketplace came from colleges interested in marketing their online courses, e-learning publishing companies looking to reach a broader market for their products and training organisations who are keen not to reinvent the wheel and were pleased that there is a source of e-learning to support  their delivery.

There was particular interest from freelance trainers and educational consultants who were excited about finding an outlet to market digital learning resources they have developed themselves.

Lewis said: "I was elated to find that so many people were excited about the benefits that the website would bring them. Numerous people said that researching e-learning to meet their needs is time consuming, and they welcomed this new comparison website."

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