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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Elearnity: Investment in talent solutions is encouraging

In a survey ahead of Elearnity's annual Symposium event next week, it's been revealed that integrating talent, performance, and development workflows is becoming more of a reality in major organisations.  

For many respondents, there is a clear focus on the delivery of global solutions through the use of one common platform. And while one common platform had often been deployed, many attendees highlighted the need to embed its use and the importance of simplifying the experience for end users, often by integrating processes. 

Although the learning and talent infrastructure does play a central role, many respondents were also looking to the future and delivering solutions to multiple devices was seen as a critical focus area for many during the next 12 months as was moving towards more resources than online courses.  The familiar challenges of engaging stakeholders to use online technology, as well as broadening the scope of solutions, were also still viewed as important.  

One of the most significant changes over the last year was the increasing corporate acceptance in the role technology can play in supporting learning and talent solutions and a continued willingness to invest despite the need in many organisation to restrain spending.  

Speaking about the findings, David Wilson, managing director of Elearnity, said: "It's encouraging to see corporate organisations continuing to significantly investing in learning and talent solutions.  Even though innovations such as mobile access will play a significant role in the future for many organisations, maximizing the value from existing solutions is clearly still an important area of focus.  

"For many organisations, 2013 is a year of transition with learning and talent professionals being given the opportunity to reinvent online learning and talent solutions and demonstrate the value they can add to their business by integrating processes to create an improved user experience."

The Symposium brings together a wide variety of corporate and vendor organisations to focus on current learning and talent themes. In a series of roundtable sessions, attendees work through key challenges and trends being tackled by learning and talent professionals today.  

"As an independent Analyst, our symposium aims to be different to other industry events.  Everyone has the opportunity to discuss their own unique challenges, putting trends and technology adoption into the context of their organisation. It's always fascinating to see what emerges from the roundtables and gain a clearer perspective of the reality of learning and talent solutions in major organisations," he concluded.

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