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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Employers urged to maintain training despite budget cuts

To mark Learning at Work Day, the Campaign for Learning and the Chartered Management Institute are today calling for a renewed focus on developing managers and leaders. 

Although training budgets are under pressure, the two organisations believe that management development should not - and need not - be neglected.

This year's Learning at Work Day theme; 'Many Ways to Learn' promotes the advantage of thinking more broadly and creatively about how management development can be achieved.

Ann Francke, chief executive, Chartered Management Institute, said: "Businesses perform 23 per cent better when they invest in developing their managers and leaders so Learning at Work Day is the perfect time for managers to think about improving their own and their team's effectiveness.

"Slashed budgets might be making formal learning impossible for many, but employers can still nurture a workplace learning culture. Create a coaching network so employees have someone to help them develop from the start of their careers, for example. Or look at how online learning resources can be provided on-demand for managers when they need them most. Simple and cost-effective changes can bring huge benefits.

"Despite a tough labour market, nearly two thirds of employers are still struggling with staff recruitment. Most blame a lack of skilled candidates so for individuals, a renewed focus on learning and development could lead to a promotion or a new role. Managers have identified strategic decision making, change management and negotiation skills as priorities."

Tricia Hartley, chief executive of the Campaign for Learning, the national co-ordinators of Learning at Work Day, said: "As training departments and budgets are reduced, we are seeing an increasing demand for managers to lead on learning. Managers will need a range of skills to do this effectively, from identifying learning needs amongst their team members to supporting individuals to reach their potential. They may also need to deliver learning and training, which will require further sets of skills. Focusing on manager development will ensure they are able to fulfil these roles in addition to the high number of performance-related targets they have to deal with and the day-to-day challenges that occur within the workplace."

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