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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

KFC serves up degree courses for staff

Fast food chain KFC has launched business management degree courses in the UK.

The company is funding 60 of its restaurant managers in three-and-a-half year business management degree courses over the next five years. This is the first time that a restaurant chain has funded honours degrees for its staff.

The chain is investing £600,000 in a programme that will link its apprenticeship scheme and in-house training with the degree course at De Montfort University in Leicester. The first group of KFC funded students have begun their studies.

Regular annual tuition at UK universities amounts to around £9000, but with KFC footing much of the bill for its students, the 'KFC-degree' will set its students back this amount over the entire three-year duration of their studies. 

"For those who have decided for not to go to university, the degrees are just a fabulous thing that we are doing that allows them to grow, develop and fulfill some of their career ambitions," KFC UK managing director Martin Shuker said.

"KFC degrees give us an opportunity to reward some of our best performers, who never had the chance to go to university when they were younger. Our employees gain a meaningful and respected qualification while still earning money, and we reap the benefits of their improved skills and confidence in the business."

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