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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Regional VP welcomes move to introduce degrees at work

The decision by retailer John Lewis to offer its staff the chance to study for degrees under a work-based scheme will lead to "numerous benefits" .

That's according to Colette Wade, regional vice president, marketing & business development, Cornerstone OnDemand, who has praised the work John Lewis has done in bringing this initiative forward.  She believes that it will lead to more engaged employees in the future. 

"With UK university applicants declining, more organisations need to be following John Lewis' example and setting up vocational qualification programmes in-house - gone are the days of relying on universities to develop the countries future industry leaders," she said.

"It's no surprise that the tripling of tuition fees is having a negative effect on university applications. To avoid a skills shortage and stifling UK growth industry we need to become more innovative in terms of how we develop people." 

"By taking the time to introduce a programme that invests in employees futures, John Lewis will build employee engagement and productivity in their organisation. There are numerous benefits to this, for example, engaged employees are more likely to want their organisation to grow and therefore are more likely to ensure they are working hard to maintain the reputation of the brand and to increase revenue. 

She added: "This is supported by a recent report by New Century Financial Corporation which found that teams which were 'actively disengaged' produced 28 per cent less revenue, highlighting the importance of employee engagement. Therefore, if more organisations can introduce schemes in the same ilk as the "John Lewis University" and subsequently increase employee engagement, output will increase to the benefit of the UK economy".

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