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Monday, July 1, 2013

neuTrain launches content sharing platform

Not-for-profit organisation neuTrain has announced the launch of an online platform where training professionals worldwide share courses, presentations and other learning materials. 

New for the learning industry: materials are reviewed by users, following the YouTube model, offering contributors a wide audience of content feedback.

The platform allows trainers to share their learning materials, including presentations, trainer notes, instructions for delivery, hand outs and other content. Having viewed the sets of materials, users can purchase them. Eighty percent of the download fee goes directly to the contributor, with neuTrain taking twenty percent to cover running costs.  

neuTrain founder Lucy Standing predicts strong demand from learning professionals world-wide, who are happy to share good content and best practice rather than researching and creating courses which others have already produced elsewhere.

"The L&D world is changing: time and financial resource are rare commodities. Our simple aim is to help people deliver performance by sharing free, reviewed learning material.  I firmly believe that access to knowledge should be easily available and unconstrained by commercial interest. We offer a straightforward, no nonsense approach to improving training efficiency while boosting the online exposure of those involved," she said/ 

Industry professionals have back the new launch and believe it possesses numerous benefits

Donald H Taylor, chairman of the Learning and Skills Group, said: "neuTrain has something new to offer. I'd recommend any area where learning professionals can go to share. It's vital that we move from being the gatekeepers for information to the people who take information and add value to it. We do that best by not reproducing something that has already been produced many times elsewhere but by looking at the best that is out there and add our expertise, our value, our insight. That way we're doing the best job for our organisations."

Steve Whiddett, managing director, WHE-UK and chairman of the Association of Business Psychologists, said: "I view neuTrain as a natural partner. I've always worked on the principle that if I have useful information for my clients, they should have it. They will come to me if they want the added value."

Martin Baker, CEO, Charity Learning Consortium, added: "The Charity Learning Consortium is a community of charities and learning professionals working together to reduce costs and share best practise. Reinventing the wheel is not an option. Instant access to existing, reviewed material is a valuable asset. We love neuTrain's approach."

For further details, visit: http://www.neutrain.net

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