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Monday, July 1, 2013

OWP13: Apprenticeships are a hugely successful model

The worker of today is different to the worker of previous years, and this is down to the new skillset needed, TJ were told.

According to Stephane Garelli, business professor at the IMD business school in Switzerland, the skills that workers need are going to continuously change and this will have a massive impact on the way we educate our workforce.

And for Garelli, the importance of initiatives like apprenticeships should not be understated when it comes to the changing nature of skills.

"In most major European countries, we're now looking at a dual education system with university on one side and apprenticeships on the other," he said.

"What we're starting to see, especially in most countries that have an apprenticeship system, is that they struggle less when it comes to talent management. And this overall leads to lower employment, especially youth unemployment, which is a problem that plagues a lot of countries in Europe."

Speaking at the Orchestrating Winning Performance programme, hosted by the IMD business school, he stressed the importance of conveying the right message to employers when it comes to apprenticeships.

"Apprenticeships really are the name of the game for me. You've seen great successful models in countries like Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

"For me, what's important is that we convey the right message to employers and illustrate the value an apprentice can bring to the business - we know this is a long-term process though. But if we ignore this issue, it could well turn into a bigger political problem."

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