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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Stressed managers to forgo annual leave, CMI claim

Many stressed UK managers are forgoing their summer holidays this year to avoid falling behind in their work.

That's the key finding from research released today by the Chartered Management Institute, which reveals that 35 per cent of leaders are putting the handbrake on their annual holiday plans. Workload was cited as the overwhelming reason why, with 69 per cent saying that they won't use up their annual leave. 

 And for those who plan to get away, most still plan to do some form of work. Only one third say they will "never" check their email on holiday, with 12 per cent checking in daily, 19 per cent taking a look "most days", and a further one in four (26 per cent) checking "once or twice" a week.   

Managers report that holidaymaking is both a blessing and curse. While 88 per cent agree a good break refreshes them, a quarter put in more than eight extra hours the week before going away - with a similar number facing the same when they return.  This is despite over half of those who work on holiday saying they do so to avoid the need to clear a backlog of work on their return. 

The good news is those who overcome such obstacles to go on holiday are rewarded for their efforts.  In addition to some well deserved rest and relaxation, they have a perfect opportunity to assess their careers. They have the time and space to reflect on what is and what isn't working in their professional lives and can take positive steps to affect change.  Whether that's reading a book to bone up on best practice, or deciding to gain a new qualification to boost future career prospects, making a commitment to ourselves is the first step to making our lives better.

Petra Wilton, CMI's director of strategy, said: "With the economy in a rut, managers are working harder and longer. It's about time some of them took a well-earned break, which will pay dividends when they come back healthier, happier and full of renewed energy and enthusiasm. 

"Of course taking time off can be tricky, but by arming yourself with the skills and techniques you need to manage yourself and your teams effectively, you can make the most of your time at work - and make it easier to take a break."

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