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Friday, August 23, 2013

FLSP calls for greater awareness of apprenticeships

The Financial & Legal Skills Partnership has called for greater awareness of apprenticeships to meet the increasing demand of higher education.

As students collected their A Level results yesterday, Liz Field, CEO of the FLSP, says that apprenticeships need to be continued to be pushed forward as the rising cost of university may burden them with lifetime debt.

She said: "For young people to realise their future potential, we must embrace apprenticeships, and create more apprenticeship places to meet increased demand, while continuing to focus on the quality of the apprenticeship offered by employers." 

Financial & Legal Skills Partnership is responsible for facilitating the employer-led standards on which apprenticeships are based and approving apprenticeship frameworks in the sector. 

"School leavers will have concerns about their futures. We must make sure they can access all the tools and advice they need to take the right steps for a rewarding and fulfilling career. Higher apprenticeships, in particular, can open many doors for young people that may struggle to find ways into work beside traditional university routes."

Her comments follow the release of data from research company ICM, showing that 54 per cent of young people in England would choose to do an apprenticeship if one were available. This follows earlier ICM data showing that employers find apprentices 15 per cent more employable than young people with other qualifications, and ranking higher (degree level) apprenticeships higher than degrees. 

"This data shows that young people have a positive reaction to apprenticeships and vocational routes into jobs. Apprenticeships are not usually associated with the finance and legal sectors, however, the work already done to raise awareness are showing progress, with six employer-led apprenticeship frameworks, and more than 7,000 apprenticeships across the sector."

Data released earlier in the year showed a record 11 applications for each apprenticeship vacancy in the UK. According to the National Apprenticeship Service, there were almost 370,000 applications for apprenticeships between February and April, while 32,600 vacancies were advertised in the same period.

"For school leavers, apprenticeships can offer a viable, exciting alternative learning path to university, combining the practical benefits of vocational learning, with the opportunity to start on the path of a fulfilling career," she concluded.

The Financial & Legal Skills Partnership is an industry partnership and also a UK Government-licensed skills organisation that works across the UK's financial and legal services, finance and accountancy sectors.

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