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Monday, August 12, 2013

Retailers support Novus Degree to help graduates find work

Retailers B&Q, Travis Perkins and Dixons have joined Sainsbury's and many other companies in signing up as sponsors for the new four-year Novus Logistics and Supply Chain BSc degree course that offers successful graduates a guaranteed job.

The degree is seen as the long-term strategic answer to the serious skills gaps and shortfall of graduate talent that is becoming increasingly evident in the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry today.

The course covers supply chain management, finance, statistics, organisational structure and methods, sociology and psychology, transport network design, warehouse design, inventory management, supply chain IT and HR management. In addition, the 'core' degree course will be supplemented with further content covering the 'craft skills' required to effectively manage, e.g. leadership, people-management and communication.

Andy Kaye, chairman of the Steering Committee of The Novus Trust, said: "The industry understands that a solution to the impending skills gap is required and is rallying behind this innovative degree, which is set to inspire tomorrow' s supply chain professionals and encourage the best talent to consider a career in the sector. 

"With the pilot course commencing in September 2013, the Novus Trust is now reaching out to all those who are interested in commencing the Novus degree as undergraduates in September 2014. We would also encourage more companies to sign up for the exciting sponsorship opportunities and a chance to recruit the best new talent."

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