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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NHS staff feeling undervalued at work, report reveals

Worrying findings out today reveal that seven out of 10 NHS staff feel undervalued at work, while an additional six out of 10 are on the lookout for a new role. 

That's according to staff reward providers The Voucher Shop, who have been looking into motivation levels within the NHS.

Key findings of the survey revealed:

• Cost of living is still a major concern for NHS staff: 83 percent of staff said that they were not being given assistance with the rising cost of living.

• A significant number of NHS Staff feel undervalued: 70 percent of staff were feeling "unappreciated" or given "not enough praise" for their work.

• Six out of ten NHS staff maybe switching jobs in the next 12 months:  27 percent of NHS staff are actively looking to change jobs within the year and a further 32 percent of NHS staff considering a new post.  This will potentially put pressure to fill vacant posts and to train new intakes.

• Communications about employee benefits needs to be improved:  44 percent of staff cited communication from their bosses on additional benefits to be very poor or poor, with only 3 percent saying it was excellent.

• Long service milestones are being overlooked: 17 percent of NHS Staff said that long service milestones were not celebrated, 24 percent said that service milestones were too infrequent, and a further 17 percent didn't even know if long service was celebrated in their Trust.

Kuljit Kaur, head of business development at The Voucher Shop, said: "Media headlines are focused heavily on the need to cut costs - and the brunt of the pressure still lies with frontline staff that are expected to deliver more with less resource. HR professionals are aware that talent management and staff engagement are critical elements in delivering organisational efficiently. Yet, 50 percent of NHS employees say they don't receive enough praise and 19 percent of staff feel completely unappreciated.

"Even with wage freezes managers can still do more to promote excellent work. Staff recognition need not be a costly exercise. In fact, non-cash rewards such as gifts or vouchers can result in 25 percent higher work performance than cash incentives. Even simple gestures such as a thank you, can increase a person's willingness to help again by 100 percent."

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