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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sabio: Don’t overlook importance of ongoing training

As children across the country head back to school this week, technology specialist Sabio has called on customer service organisations not to overlook the importance of ongoing education and training across their contact centre operations. 

With traditional classroom-based training often getting in the way of contact centre productivity, Sabio believes that self-paced training - delivered via an online Virtual Campus or Computer-Based Training (CBT) - can provide the best practice skills contact centre staff need to succeed.

To address this, Sabio Training's Online Course Finder now offers a portfolio of dedicated contact centre training courses. It features almost 200 specialist courses ranging across key technologies - from Avaya, Verint, VMware and Sabio's own solutions - to core customer service and team leadership skills for agents and supervisors. Sabio also offers specific training for different customer service centre functions, from agents and operators to supervisors, administrators, installation specialists, support staff and technology experts.

"With today's increased focus on delivering a high quality customer experience across different channels, it's essential for organisations to make it as easy as possible for customer service staff to perform to the highest levels," said Dan Christmas, Sabio's head of training. 

"Research shows that effective training improves retention, increases staff engagement and can lead directly to improved performance. However, traditional classroom-based training methods can often be unsuitable for co-ordinated and cost-effective contact centre education.

"Over the last three months particularly, we've seen a growing requirement for self-paced training, with customer service organisations recognising that it's sometimes not practical to train all staff at the same time whenever they introduce new technology into the contact centre." 

He added: "Classroom training can help during the early phases of a technology's deployment, but all too often we see in-house skills diminish as key staff leave or new initiatives take precedence. By offering site-specific CBT or Virtual Campus training, we can provide organisations with flexible training programmes that provide exactly the level of role-specific skills needed to support both technology and soft skills across the whole solutions lifecycle."

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